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  • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DESIGN - Milltown Merchants™ ceramics are designed with meticulous detail and produced with strict quality constraints to ensure complete satisfaction with each and every piece.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR - Don't limit yourself to just your patio or garden. The Milltown Merchants™ Contemporary Gnome Set will look great anywhere! Perfect for windowsills, shelves, side tables, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere that needs a little something extra.
  • CONTEMPORARY STYLING - This adorable gnome set is an elegant, contemporary spin on the traditional garden gnome. This gnome set will brighten up any space and provide a fun and sophisticated look at the same time.
  • HIGH GLOSS FINISH - The Milltown Merchants™ Contemporary Gnome Set comes in a high gloss finish to make your gnomes pop!
  • SET OF 3 - 9.125" Height x 3.75" Dia. (Large) 6" Height x 3" Dia. (Medium) 4" Height x 2.5" Dia. (Small)

Gnome Set


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