• Easy to apply and remove - will not cause surface damage.
  • Low Tack and Low Residue makes these stickers perfect for any DIY, art, or home project!
  • Create crisp shapes effortlessly.
  • Stays in place allowing you to focus on your painting project.
  • 864 stickers total!

Heart, Star, Circle, Diamond - Removable Sticker Value Pack - 864 Stickers/Pack

SKU: 8016
  • Milltown Merchants Removable 3/4" Art Stickers


    Looking for a high quality stickers for your next painting or DIY project? Look no further than the Milltown Merchants Art Stickers. These stickers feature a low amount of tack, so you don’t have to worry about residue or adhesion buildup on your freshly painted wall or art project, making it an essential for any painter or artist. Milltown Merchants Art Stickers adhere to any hard surface and are easily removable. They’re also a great alternative to traditional wall stencils.

    Works great for DIY, art, or home projects. Create crisp, fresh shapes with no paint bleeding. Check out our 4 sticker shapes: Hearts, Stars, Diamonds, and Circles. Can’t decide on just one? Check out our Sticker Assortment. Assortments are a great way to create awesome accent walls or a fun art project.

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