• Milltown Merchants High Quality Neon Paint Bottles
  • Perfect for arts and crafts, home decor, DIY craft projects and more.
  • Colors paint on smooth and easy for perfect brush strokes!
  • Can be used on canvas, bisque, mixed media projects, and more!
  • Comes with eight 10 ounce (.3 Liter) colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black!

Neon Acrylic Paint Bottles - 8 Pack with 8 Colors - 10 oz (.3 Liter)

SKU: PS600
  • Milltown Merchants Neon Acrylic Paint Bottles - 8 Pack


    Milltown Merchants provides you with high quality neon acrylic paint that's fun for the whole family! Our neon acrylic paint comes with eight different colors packaged in individual 10 ounce (.3 Liter) containers. With this much paint the artistic possibilities are endless!


    Neon pink, orange, and green glow in the dark when using a black light!


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